05 January 2013

Travel Certificate

Today I spent three hours of my day trying to see a doctor to get a letter saying that baby and I are safe to travel.

My normal midwife is out of the country, so I had to see a doctor I haven’t seen in four years. He kindly helped me in my situation even though he hasn’t seen me in this pregnancy at all.


I got my certificate. He deemed us safe to travel. That’s a good thing, considering we haven’t been given a choice…

While I was there he did a quick ultrasound to measure the baby (head still measures two weeks ahead of the body, for your information).


And look at what I got to see.


Can you believe this? My sweet baby’s face and chubby cheeks. It was just what  I needed. This lil’ one and I have gone through so much together already. I needed to see his/her face. Such joy.


God is so sweet to give us this gift. In seven weeks, no matter what we’ve been through or what our situation will even be at that time… honestly it doesn’t matter. This sweet bundle will be in my arms. I’ll have a new gift. A new treasure. One of the greatest of things I could ever receive… a new baby.

And my circumstances or recent experiences or exhaustion or all this crisis can’t take that away.

I am so thankful for God’s timing. His timing is perfect, you know?

My sweet baby. I am in love.

1 comment:

  1. That was just what you needed, perfect timing to get a peek at a little angel :-)


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