21 February 2013


I know it’s been forever since I blogged about our trip to South Africa. It was mooooonths ago now and I never intended for it to take so long for me to ‘document’ it on this blog. But alas, life has changed a bit recently and there hasn’t been much time to work on it.  But now I’m back at it. For today at least. I’m near the end and I’ve got to finish what I started!

So let’s pick up…

After a week in southern South Africa we flew up to Johannesburg for our second week. We were heading there to visit a friend of Mike’s from 12 years ago, and his wife and family.

This week was more low-key. We hung around, took naps, and the  kids played and played and played with their three new friends around the house.

They even did some swimming.



And got a bit cold. Which was no big surprise. There was NO WAY Mike or I was getting in that pool with them…


It was only 71 degrees! Brrrrr. That is seriously cold for swimming weather. Mike is the cold-water-baby of the family and he refuses to swim if the temperature is much less than 100. I’m not kidding.


But there was also rain. Lovely, refreshing rain!


There was train play.


Rabbits. (And a dog, a cat, chickens and a rooster!)


Our sweet little guest room out back.


Avocados falling from overhead.


So many avocados. It was like a dream.


My kids loved this funky tire swing.


And climbing the ladder to this tree…


… to jump onto the trampoline.


Girlie became addicted to yogurt cups.


And they had such fun with their new friends!


It was an incredibly relaxing week. More South Africa to come…

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