13 March 2013

A Toast

I’d like to propose a toast. (Raise your water glass high).

I’d like to propose a toast to my parents.

They have done SO much for us in the past five and a half weeks. We could not have made this transition to life on this side of the globe remotely as well as we have without their help and service. UNDERSTATMENT OF THE YEAR.  Honestly, they’ve just been amazing.

They came out to Colorado at the beginning of February to help us move and get settled into our new place. They hauled and painted and cleaned and unpacked and sewed and cooked and did my laundry and loved on the kids and let us go on a date and installed and shopped  and hammered and mounted and drilled and concocted and taught and tore out and built and spackled and sanded and humored two little ‘helpers’ and painted MORE and organized and hung things and repaired and painted EVEN MORE and hemmed and trimmed and cooked AGAIN took the kids to school and painted MORE and picked the kids up from school and ran errands and played with the kids and fed us AGAIN and did laundry AGAIN and and and.

I think you get the idea.

They pretty much did it all.

And then I had a baby.

And they kept on doing it.

And then Mike traveled and they willingly stayed longer to help me.

And they kept on serving.

And then Mike came back but I got sick.

And they kept on doing it!


When they came to Africa two and a half years ago to spend Christmas with us I told them that them coming all the way out to experience our life there was one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. This past five weeks is another of the greatest gifts I have ever received. Our house is virtually transformed. We are completely unpacked and organized and ready to find our new normal. My kids has lots of quality time with their grandparents AND I had a baby in the midst of all of it happening and things just kept on moving full steam ahead all around me (well, not exactly at the exact TIME I was giving birth…. they left for that… ha!)

We were daily amazed at how hard they worked and how much they accomplished. Everyone around us noticed too! I do believe they are now a legacy…

So everyone, lets clink our glasses in honor of my parents, who gave of themselves non-stop for the past five weeks. We are so so grateful and forever will be.

Love you! Miss you!


1 comment:

  1. Oh, my goodness!! It's so easy to serve and give to those who serve and give to others!! We were positively impacted as well. We got to spend time with you, Mike and our precious grandbabies! We got to take H & N on a "spontaneous overnight adventure" to a local motel and come home to meet their brand new baby sister - how much fun was that?!! (By the way, at what point do I stop referring to them as grand"babies"? - that will be a hard transition to make in this grammi's heart.)
    The "community" you live in and among is so wonderful, amazing and welcoming! We look forward to coming back and being part of it again sometime; hopefully sooner rather than later.
    Although our hearts still ache for this forced change in your life plan, we know our God has put you where He needs you at this moment. So glad we could help you get settled in to your new apt.
    Now, if it's OK, we're going to take a nap!! ;O)


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