22 March 2013

Vocabulary Review

When my boy H was a wee one, I did a vocabulary lesson. Today we will review. With photos this time.

1. Milk Bomb: A baby who has a full belly of milk and isn't able to close the stomach flap (that is NOT the medical term) fully. Milk might fly at any moment... so you better watch out. Milk could exit the infant in a gurgle or with a more projectile force.


This photo cracks me up. This demonstrates the more projectile force. And yes, that is spit up in my husband’s goatee.  Ha! Good one little girlie!

2. Milk Bum (not to be confused with term #1): A baby who has a full belly of milk and seems very satisfied. This state can be identified by the half-closed and glazed over eyes, the goofy crooked grin, and the drunken-like-state in which the baby is behaving. Mothers, this is a good sign.


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