30 March 2013

Wrapping Up South Africa

Well, now that our trip to South Africa was about a half year ago… I’m finally finishing up posting about it! Nice, huh?

The trip home was… well, lets be honest, I can’t remember what it was like anymore. But I did have a few pictures that sparked my memory…


The airport in Johannesburg has these nifty luggage carts that are made to go up and down escalators. This was my first time seeing this. And frankly, it’s FREAKY to roll that big cart onto an escalator and stand behind it. That takes faith. Ha!  Too bad it didn’t quite stay loaded properly in this instance!


Here was another first. The Egypt Air flight attendant instructed me to tuck a pillow between the belly (I was six months pregnant) and my seatbelt? Really?! He said it was safer for the baby.

Hmmnnn. There is a first time for everything. I had a nice little chuckle there in my seat with a pillow buckled in my seatbelt during take off and landing.

Indeed, baby wasn’t harmed. :)


Here we are approaching our land of sand…


And here is my little stinker, pretty happy on the airplane.

What an incredible two weeks it was.

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