16 April 2013

Lil’ Fashionista, Again

I posted at least once before about my lil’ fashionista.  Apparently, this is an on-going thing.


This first one was when we were still in Africa (hence the warm-weather clothing). Prints and prints. That’s what she likes.


Flower skirt again. With heart leggings and flower shirt. More prints. She feels beautiful in any case, can you tell?


This is a hat I bought for her to keep her warm that I never thought she’d like so much. When my parents were here she wore it quite often. It’s charming, isn’t it? Her baby’s bonnet is also a bit peculiar…


Aaaaand flower skirt and more prints. With Dora boots. And a knitted hat and butterfly sweatshirt. Overload!


Skirt under dress is also one of her trademarks. Oh my.

I am trying to teach her that if you wear a print on top, then you don’t wear one on bottom, etc. It’s a slow process. I am also trying to teach my boy that matching doesn’t mean wearing the same color pants as shirt. Before I was a parent I never thought about having to teach kids how to match/coordinate clothing! I guess they have to learn somehow. Unless I want my lil’ fashionista to keep her unique touch forever…

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