15 April 2013

My Mantle

If you think because of that title that this is some spiritual post about ‘the mantle’ of whatever that God has given me (have you heard that phrase?) you’re wrong…. it’s about a plain old (fake) mantle… where decorations go! I’m deep like that.

I’ve never actually had a mantle. And I may never have. But a girl who loves to decorate for the seasons and other occasions has got to make do!

My Dad installed three shelves just inside my front door when he was here. And then later I added one more shelf. It’s the perfect place to switch out decorations (as often as I like) and I love it. Cause I like to switch a lot. And I already want to rearrange the furniture, much to my husbands *joy*. But that is a different topic.


This was the first arrangement. The Welcome Baby arrangement. Flowers, cute subway art, lace bunting, gorgeous photo (ifidosaysomyself) and a lil’ message on the lil’ chalkboard.

Then I did a pretty Easter mantle arrangement, but BAH I didn’t find a picture of it! Boo. It had a super cute little free printed Happy Easter Bunting and lots of other cuteness.  I know you’re so disappointed to have missed that.

But, to comfort you, here is a photo of my current Spring arrangement.


Free printable art is the best. So is bunting made from scrap fabric found under my bed and a lil’ burlap birdie purchased for nothing on clearance. And yes, my baby’s pic is still there. I can’t stand to take it down and she’s still fresh and sweet and new…  just like spring. So she is sticking around awhile longer.

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