09 April 2013


Today is day four of my self-imposed quarantine. I temporarily lifted my self-imposed quarantine yesterday long enough to go to one of those little clinics inside the grocery store to get diagnosed for the miserable ailment that had required this self-imposed quarantine.

The results?

Tonsillitis. And an ear infection.

Well, no wonder I felt like crap. For days.

The nice nurse practitioner happily took my $85 dollars for the visit and sent me out with a prescription for antibiotics.  I did a jig. Not really. But I felt like it because it meant there was an end in sight to my various symptoms but also to my quarantine, which is maybe equally as painful as the sickness for a lady who loves to be around people and loves to care for her family and her home.

After two days of bedroom quarantine I have occasionally joined my family in the rest of the house yesterday and today. But not without tying one of my daughters receiving blankets around my mouth and nose first to protect them from my germs. I thought about posting a picture of that sight, but decided against it… it’s absolutely ridiculous. But I am taking all possible precautions not to spread this thing. I can’t imagine how a preschooler would deal with how much it hurts to swallow? My heart would break into a million pieces if I had to watch one of my babies go through that. Taking a sip of water can bring me to tears. It’s just terrible and let’s hope the rest of the family stays healthy and that I can hold onto my sanity for another day and a half until my self-imposed quarantine is lifted!

Tonsillitis is from the devil.

The end.

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