25 April 2013

Thank you, I think

Yesterday I braved the circumstances and took my three children to a sit-down restaurant by myself. God bless kids-eat-free coupons! (Oh, Mike is traveling for eleven days… which explains why he wasn’t with us).

I wasn’t sure how it would go, but it actually went very well.  The kids were very well behaved and the baby was quiet in her seat the whole time. I would even use the word ‘fun’ to describe it. Who’dathunkit? I probably should never try it again, however, cause what are the chances that would happen to me twice?!

Anyway, after we’d been there awhile,  a lady came up to me who had been in a table nearby with her husband. She told me that my children were very well behaved and she was really impressed. Wow. Thanks so much lady! They’re not always like this but it must be my lucky day.

Then she went to explain that when they watched us walk in she and her husband looked at each other and said “Welp, there goes our quiet evening.”… she continued… “But your children were so well behaved they didn’t bother us at all.”

Um, seriously?  Thanks lady. I think?

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