30 April 2013

These Days–April

I’ve got some random photos for ya. They don’t have anything to do with anything… they are just too good not to share. And I get to be the judge of what is ‘too good’, okay? Okay!


Melt my heart. Daddy and daughter. This is perfect.


Booktime is a total fav around here. With extra friends this time… even better!


Blurry phone pick of a silly girlie trying on Mama’s glasses.


Mama’s little companion. This evening she snoozed on my lap while I got some work done at the table. I can’t get enough.


My kiddos help me tote laundry up and down the hall each week. This genius solution came to me after H was complaining about getting the full basket down the hall.  String a pair of pants through the handle and voila! Something to pull. He loved it and I felt so resourceful.


N’s selfie.


The kids had a special day in Kindergarten and Preschool to make the parents a special dessert to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up. Here is H presenting me with his…


And goofy N with hers.


They were so cute, and so proud and the tarts were SOOOOO delicious. I wish I could have eaten them both!!


Be still my heart.


I need more French braid practice. My Mom and sis were the French braiders growing up and now my lack of practice is clearly showing…


Sometimes my littlest one just wants to be held, but Mama wants to get something done. Once again the Ergo Carrier saves the day.


What in the world is all this stuff?! Ha!


My boy found a plastic holder thingy that I bought apples in in the recycling, rigged it with string and went around selling clothes pins. I love this boy and his imagination.


We had snow in mid-April, and we might have more tomorrow… on May Day. Oh my… Colorado!!! I’d like to have a few choice words with you…


We popped into the library a couple Saturdays ago and they happened to be doing a presentation on turtles. We happily joined in and my big kiddos sat like this for awhile.


I love my family.

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