17 May 2013

Happy Helpers

Today I needed to clean the floor. Last time I needed to clean the floor N wanted to help me and I ended up getting super frustrated cause we had to share the squirt bottle which slowed me WAAAAY down and I just wanted to get done and off my knees!

So today I filled three squirt bottles with vinegar and water and got out three rags before I even started.

I’m such a genius.


The kids got really into it and about five minutes in I left my rag on the floor and went to get my camera. This had to be documented.


H offered to clean under things that are hard for me to reach (and then that led to cleaning under that things weren’t a problem for me to reach, but hey… that’s okay!). He’s a very thoughtful boy.


N offered to clean the bathroom floor. Whaaaat?


They just kept going.


And going.


This girlie was NO help, however. :)


Not bad, eh?


Then they moved onto their bikes.


And the play kitchen on the deck.



H tackled the inside and the outside of a set of sliding doors.


N sprayed some of her Daddy’s books (ooops! Shhhh, don’t tell) before we had a conversation about what we do and don’t spray. Then she moved onto the kitchen island.


Side track… cute hairdo? IfIdosaysomyself…

Also, this girlie was making up her ‘tweaning song’ as she was working. I started typing as she was singing. I had to work pretty  hard to not laugh…

Well I dinent (didn’t). Well I dinent. Well I dinent do dis (this) jobs before…

I never did doing jobs. I never did doing jobs. I never did doing jobs…

All da time.

I never did doing jobs betause it is my first time doing my job. It is my first time doing my job. It is my first time doing my job…

Soooo I tan(can) do my job when I tan do my job if I tan do my job. If I can do my job (repeat?)

If I caaaan.

I didn’t ever do my tings that my mommy and daddy say. [Is that so?!]

Yes I don’t det (get) my jammies on all da time. [Uh huh. True, my dear firecracker girl.]

So this is not dooood. So I get in twouble (trouble) for not letting me cwean da sings (things). [At least she shows this is ‘not dood’! This is something, right?]

I never did tweean (clean) my sings (things) and Mommy and daddy clean my things.  [Yes. Yes we do sometimes. It’s often easier than waiting for you to do it.]

Mommy and Daddy twean my sings (things) and I never do it all da time. [I was just waiting, HOPING for her to sing an explanation of WHHHHYYYYY she doesn’t obey and why she prefers the battle of wills that ensues when she doesn’t obey!!! But alas, she never did.]

SO I used to have a “Thank you God for giving me the sings I need” [What? How does this relate? Preschool brain side-track, I’m sure. Or maybe she knows she needs the training and discipline we give her to help her learn to obey and she was thanking God for that? I think this is what I’ll choose to believe…]

For I never did the sings (things).

(Do you know a working song that I am singin?) [Talking to her brother for a minute…]

and singing on…

I never did the sings (things)…

And on and on it went.

Oh my goodness she cracks me up! I love hearing her songs. I learn so much!


Big sister is singing and cleaning away and this one is still snoozin’. Still no help. Except the fact that she wasn’t crying. That WAS helpful.

This cleaning went on at least an hour. H used up over two bottles of cleaner. N figured out her bottle could spray about eight feet. Her rag was DRIPPING wet. Everything smelled like vinegar and the kids were so stinkin’ happy. I practically had to pry the bottles from their hands and force them out the door to go play in the hall.

I fully realize that this was probably beginners luck. But maybe, just maybe this will occasionally repeat itself and the spots can get off my floors without ME doing it? Maybe?!


They really did help me! Job well done kiddos!!!

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