16 June 2013

First Crib

Today was a milestone for my baby and for ME.

I set up my daughter’s crib! This is the first crib I have ever had for my children. I am so happy to have a cute white wooden crib the third time around! My first two babes spent their entire babyhood in a pack n’ play travel bed, which was fine. But it’s nice to have a proper crib (a gift!)  with proper crib bedding (scored at a garage sale) too. The bargains make it all the sweeter…


Baby girl doesn’t have her own room. She shares our room and will for quite awhile still. Her crib has a spot right in the corner.


Lately Lil’ A has been lookin’ kinda big to me. She’s my best grower yet, to be sure. She was filling up her bassinet. But now she’s tiny again in her new bed. Glory!

Also, I love how long babies keep their little curly legs. Reminds me that she was in my womb not so long ago. Nine months all curled up inside and not even four months outside yet. No wonder she’s still curly.


She likes it. Fell asleep before 10 without a peep. And I probably won’t hear from her until 6 or 7am. Yeah… she loves her Mama and is more than kind to me at night.


Good night baby. Happy to share this ‘first crib’ milestone with you, my sweet third child!


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