14 June 2013

He Needs Me

My man left today for two weeks in Africa. I hate seeing him go… life is just so good with him here! But I’m happy for this opportunity for him and the faces he’ll get to see.

In some ways I’m a little jealous of his trip.  But then I remember that he’ll be sleeping in a mud hut possibly shared with rats and snakes and then I’m a little less jealous. But then I think of a dear friend or two or fifteen that I’d love to visit with and I’m a little jealous again. And then I think of the food that will be served to him and I’m once again a little less jealous. It’s a cycle, obviously.

Aaaanyway, I usually help him pack. But yesterday was super busy and there wasn’t much time. I did the laundry and then threw some toiletries on his half of the bed and that was about the extent of my involvement. He did his packing at who-knows-what-awful-hour-of-the-night last night and I was snoozin’ up a storm so I missed it.

And what happened when I missed it? Serves him right I suppose for his procrastination…

The man forgot to pack a jacket. So he’s quite possibly freeeezing on his transatlantic flight right now and being cold on an airplane is such an awful form of torture that I could just cry if I think about it too much. I want him to be comfortable and cozy warm in a fleece.

He also forgot a flashlight. So when he is lying down to sleep in his mud hut and hears rustling under his bed he will be fumbling with matches and a propane lantern instead of flicking the button on a nice LED flashlight. Ack! I can hardly stand it.

And he forgot deodorant. Which I assure him isn’t a problem because I have never ever known him to be a stinky man with or without deodorant. That one doesn’t worry me like the other two. But generally I think a western man feels better about himself if able to apply deodorant in the morning when in Africa in the summer. On the other hand, it is Africa and he may be the only one for a hundred miles that uses the stuff so I think it’ll be okay.

I just hope he gets a jacket en-route. And a flashlight.

If not for his sake, at least for mine! I hate the thoughts…

So that is what happens when the man packs without me. He obviously needs me in his life.

I love him so. Safe travels babe.

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