26 June 2013

Her First Art

When my kids learn to draw, they apparently perfect one picture before moving on. You can see my son’s budding art here, where he perfected his drawing of him jumping into a pool. I adored those pictures then and I adore them now.

Well, after reading ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother’ (interesting book if ideas are applied in moderation) I wondered if I stopped praising Sweet N for page after page of scribbles that she presented me with, would she actually start drawing something? I couple times I just said “N, you can do better than scribbles silly girl! You are three years old!” and sure enough… she did better than scribbles.

Thank you Amy Chua.

Next comes violin.

Just kidding.

This may be her very first 'actual drawing. It’s definitely much more than ‘twibbles’, as she would say.



And soon after…


People! With legs! And Hs and Ns. And I think that might be a little pink baby? Not bad!


In this collection she is clearly refining her skill and her art form.


More independent shape studies here.


And just like her brother… I get the same drawing again and again and again! And you get to see it 25 times, aren’t you lucky?!


She can always tell me exactly who these people are! And I promise everyone in her life does NOT look like an alien, contrary to what these may lead you to believe.


I wonder what it is about humans from a preschoolers perspective that makes us have necks equal to the size of our bodies (or no necks?), eyes as big as saucers and straight mouths. As if this girl never sees anyone smile?

Oh my word I love these pictures so much.


They just keeping coming. They are literally all over the house every day.


Some of them have suns in the corner. That’s nice, huh?


They also get delivered up and down the hall. Folded up and placed in envelopes if it’s a good day.


Wait! This one has arms! Coming from his/her ears? Well, it’s a start…

Oh I love my girl. What a joy it is to watch my precious child grow and learn.

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