30 June 2013

Hit the Road Jack

We are hitting the road tomorrow. Jack.

And I want to call everyone Jack the whole way. Just cause Silas Robertson does and he makes my sides split. So it’ll be funny if I do it too right?

I have to say, it has been really REALLY good to be in one place for several months. Is that a long time for us? Ha!

We are leaving Colorado to drive ‘round the country (part of it anyway) and visit with lots of folks that we love and share about all that has been going on and what we’re doin’ now! But then we get to come BACK to Colorado and live in the same house again. That’ll be nice. Real nice.

Just to be sure, earlier today my boy H asked me “When we come back we’re gonna live in the same house, right?” By golly Jack, yes we are!!! And I’m happy to say it’s true. I also have to say that I don’t blame him one bit for checking on that small fact. The boy hasn’t had a normal life…

As I run around the house packing and sorting and getting life in general order, I think maybe I missed packing? The last time we packed it wasn’t so fun. That incident was a little on the rushed and stressful side for my liking. But this is a month long road trip and I’m kind of looking forward to just having what I can fit in our suitcases comes bursting out of our minivan.  However, ask me again how I feel about the roadtrip after I’ve been driving through Kansas in the middle of the night with a jet lagging husband, two kiddos and a lil’  baby for twenty-four hours.

Or don’t ask me. Yeah. Better not ask me. I might have lost my positive outlook by then Jack and I’d hate to be a downer.

We’ll see.

Bring on the open road?!

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