18 June 2013


When my husband is gone one of the things I do to cope with life is organize. It soothes me.

So my Dad just built me two huge built-in bookshelves so that there is finally enough room to unpack all of our (read: Mikey’s) books and I am starting to get them arranged. I was able to dig out the boxes of books from the bottom of Mike’s closet (separate closets is a beautiful thing, FYI) and was looking through them (he trusts me, mostly) and you’ll NEVER guess what I found.

I would have never guessed what I found.

So if I would never guess then I really know that you’ll never guess…



Seems odd, right? I mean, we keep our receipts for awhile but these receipts were from 2003. November. November 15th and 16th to be exact. One O’Charley’s receipt and four gas receipts.

It was at 9:26pm that we got our check at O’Charleys Restaurant in Nashville Tennessee and then drove through the night to watch the sunrise on the shore of Savannah, Georgia. That’s a story I really should tell on this blog.

It was our improptu quickest roadtrip ever. It was the day that we knew we’d be married.

And my husband kept these receipts all those years.

He loves me.

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  1. This has to be the best thing ever. So sweet.


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