25 June 2013

Little Reminders

I run across lots of tiny reminders of where we have come from when I go about my daily life. Small leftovers. Remnants of the past. They are pretty silly really, but in any case I will share…


Cheap African pain-reliever. I always carried a bit in my purse and just finished up my last ones recently.


This is my keyboard and mouse that Mikey gave as a Christmas gift just a few days before we started packing. It has arabic script on it and I like that. And this pen is also floating around my house from the hotel that we’d go to to enjoy a coffee and the view.


Thyme I brought back in a re-purposed baking powder container. I went through baking powder like a mad woman in Africa and re-used these containers all over the place. I like that I still have one or two.


Bookmarks from regional gatherings.


My silly plastic plate that we used after almost every meal to slice and share oranges. I brought it back. It has so many memories of sitting with my family around our lil’ table.


A bottle cap from a glass soda bottle that was often served at celebrations. My kids would gather them off the dirt and sort them and play with them. They were little treasures. I just can’t bring myself to throw this last one away.


A date Mamoul cookie. I’d buy these in bulk and pack them in the kids lunches often. One snuck it’s way back hiding in a lunch cooler. Now it sits in my cabinet and I should eat it.  But I can’t.


My trusty metal cup that I used daily on that side of the globe I now use daily on this side of the globe. I’m attached.


And lastly, a note from my staff that they gave me with a gift as I was leaving.

I appreciate my little reminders…

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