01 August 2013

Goodbye Tours–Greek Club

Mikey occasionally would play soccer at The Greek Club with a group of friends. The kids and I would often go along just for something to do. It was kinda of green and there was space to run!

I clearly remember this day…

Feb 10 036

…when H was just a babe and we took a picnic and sat under a tree and I watched my boy eat a banana by himself for the first time and thought to myself how grown-up it made him look to be eating a banana all by himself.

And here he is again, four years later, growing up for sure!


It was especially wonderful to go during the winter when sweatshirts were necessary. I’d often chat with a friend and the kids would often play in the dirt.


Or find trash…


…fill it with dirty things…


…and be really happy and cute about it.


When the grown-ups were done playing, Mike would take our kids out there to kick the ball around a little.


We went one last time.


To say goodbye Greek Club.

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