28 August 2013

I Lied.

Yesterday Mikey returned from a two week trip.


My girlie spent part of her morning coloring her sign and periodically checking her watch. Mike’s flight arrived at 8:15pm in our city and so even though it’s past the kids’ bedtime, I told them they could come with me to pick him up at the airport. 

Their Daddy travels a lot and there are very few opportunities for them to be a part of the drop off/pick up. Usually the flight is out of Denver (an hour and a half drive to get there) or leaves early morning or late night or yada yada.

This time it was feasible.

They.Were. Thrilled.


We arrived a bit before the flight. I knew if we were running late I would have a nervous breakdown trying to pull it off. We made signs and purchased balloons and parked and walked inside and it was past bedtime and if we missed him by a couple minutes I would have been so disappointed. But that’s just me.

Soooo I made sure we had plenty of time.

It’s a good thing, cause we had to fight the throngs of people who had flocked to the airport to welcome their loved ones home.



Or not.


My kids love the airport. It’s like home to them. :)

We were happily waiting, stress free when OF COURSE my daughter sheepishly tells me that she had to go potty!

“You whaaaaat? What if Daddy arrives while we’re in the bathroom?” I said in my head. “AAAAHHHHHHH”!!!!


Waiting. And taking deep breaths.


Bathroom mirror portrait. I don’t look stressed out, do I?

Ha! I was actually fine. Thank goodness I planned to have extra time for setbacks like potty stops. Somehow I guess I just knew that might happen…


They actually watched his plane land.


And you can’t tell, but a luggage cart went by outside and H excitedly told me… “Look Mommy! It’s the cart carrying soupcases!”

I hope he never stops calling them soupcases.

Maybe I don’t mean that. But it’s darn cute.


Little one was pretty chill.


We watched. And waited.


And I lied.

Earlier in the day I had lied and told Mike that I was leaving the kids at home with a friend. He believed me. Then I lied and told him that I was just going to pull around the pickup and not come into the airport.


I had to explain to the kids that I lied to Daddy so we could surprise him.  H comforted me… “It’s not a lie Mommy! It’s just a joke!”

Okay then. It’s a joke.


They stood like this for awhile waiting for Daddy to be the one walking around the corner. In the meantime we cheered MANY a passenger. People got a kick out of my little cuties and their signs and balloons.

And then he came!! And there are not photos of that because I switched media and took a video instead of photographs.

But it was so sweet.

And I got tears in my eyes.


My kids have such a good Daddy.


N squeezed him and then proceeded to hit her balloon around with her sign.


She had moved on pretty quickly.


Okay, very quickly. Gotta love her.


Reunited and it feels so good! (Do you hear it in your head?!)

He was definitely surprised and it was such fun to let the kids be a part of pulling off a fun surprise for Daddy. They did awesome.


Later at home it was back to the way it’s supposed to be…

Joy fills my heart.

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