18 August 2013

Little Bits

Today is day 5 of Mikey being gone. And day 1 of Mikey being gone that my sister and niecey weren’t here to keep us company.

Strategy is: STAY VERY VERY BUSY. But not too busy. But juuuuuust the right amount of busy. Today I think we nailed it. It was a good day. Here are just a few tidbits from my day. It’s the little things I hope I remember.

1. H saw a bag of coffee beans on the counter and asked about the “coffee nuts". he he. I liked it.

2. I clipped the kids fingernails and N asked “When I grow up can I cwip your nails Mama?” Well… sure you can sweet girl. Lets just hope she doesn’t have to do it because I am senile. :)

3. Sweet N has been asking me for days if I will go in and snuggle with her while she is sleeping. She even had a royal tantrum about it the other night in the MIDDLE of the night. Just ask my sister. Oh my. Precious girl. Tonight I did and it was oh-so-special. She didn’t know I was there. But I hope I never forget her sweet breath in my face. My arm wrapped around her. Her little mouth noises. Her peaceful face. Her hair all messy.

4. At dinner I served celery sticks with peanut butter (among other things) and N asked for ketchup. She decided that celery dipped in peanut butter and THEN ketchup was “sooo nummy”.  I told her I didn’t want to try it, but I am sure am glad she was feeling adventurous in the area of food.

5. My baby has woken up two nights in a row around 3am. I think it’s her teeth. I hope she makes it through tonight! Even in the midst of her double-teething pain she is full of smiles.

6. The CD player we have in the kids room recently broke. The cassette part doesn’t work either. (Side note… do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a CD/Cassette combo boombox these days? It’s not so easy. Also made more difficult by the fact that I want a small one that will fit on a particular shelf in their room. But I’m not particular or anything….)

Anyway, it broke, so one night instead of turning on the usual lullabyes or whatever Mike tuned the radio to the local classical station and now they loooooove it. Different music every night and always some of that ever-so-soothing classical music talk from those soft-spoken radio folk.  Gotta love it.

7. Finally, here are just pics of who we’ve been spending our last week with. Miss them already!




Okay. I must go rest up for day 6. Good night!

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