12 August 2013

My Little Graduate

In February, we moved our boy out of preschool and put him into the Homeschool Co-op that we have in our community. He jumped right in, caught up with the other kids and even learned to read! He should be starting Kinder THIS fall, but he did amazing well doing kinder in the Winter and Spring.


Here is the incredible group of families that we had the privilege of joining in this pioneering co-op. It is such a blessing.


Six lil’ kindergarteners. They are precious.


At the end of June they graduated!

Grad-Hudson 2

We had a special graduation ceremony for them and their dear teacher, German Miss Rahel proudly kicked them out of Kindergarten. They love her!


Mike was traveling that evening, so he missed it. :( HZC_8848

But the rest of us celebrated together!


I could not be more proud of my little boy… now a first grader!!

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