07 August 2013

Portraits and a Quote

Today was day two of my big kids being really into painting. They do really well by themselves once I get them set up. Today they wanted to be set up JUST SO, looking out the window.



They wanted to paint a portrait of the baby, so I set her on the balcony for awhile.


H could get a good view of her from the seat at his artists’ table. That’s exactly how he wanted it.


She was a willing subject.


And this was his final painting! Not bad, eh? He got the chair and the face and the three flowers on her shirt, etc.


Proud boy. Proud Mama.


Girlie did one too. I would call hers a more abstract interpretation?

Also, while they were sitting next to each and having a ball painting and doing this and that, I overheard them discussing the drying time of their paintings..

“Wow! That dried as quick as a fig!” H said.

“Yeah… as quick as a fig!!” N agreed.

Um, whaaaaat? I have no idea. But I like them so much.

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