24 September 2013

Bags Bags Bags and Stuff

Three kids = lots of STUFF. Especially when on the road.

When we were traveling around the country this summer, I was especially aware of how much stuff we took preeeeetty  much everywhere we went.

For example, this was just a couple hours at church.


Purse, baby bag, big kid activity bag and Mike’s laptop bag. Oh, and the baby and her carrier. We have to carry those things too!

But in actuality it looked more like this…


Um, giant mess! Woops.


This pile o’stuff I believe was just for one night spent away two and a half hours away. One stinkin’ night. That’s a lot of stuff. But we were prepared!


This was what the kids needed to spend a few nights at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Not too bad? Maybe? Honestly I’ve lost all frame of reference as to what is and is not a ‘normal amount of packing’. Although my husband could confidently tell me (and does) that I always pack too much.



This is another morning spent at church here in Colorado. Ack! I feel a little self conscious sometimes of how much stuff I haul in and out of places, but what can I do? Pack less? Psssssshhh!

I think I’d totally regret packing less when I need just that one thing that I must have put in this big bag somewhere for just an occasion like this…

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