28 September 2013

Don’t Chew That, Chew This!

Guess what I did a couple weeks ago?


I sewed. It was so fun. I’d like to do it again sometime.


A friend of mine had sewn these covers for the straps of the very best ever ERGO Carrier, and I copied hers! Except she did snaps and I did Velcro. The issue is that baby rides in the carrier (my baby has spent a LOT of time in this carrier lately) and she is in that chew on everything all-the-time stage. But it’s not good in the long-term to chew on the straps. So I made strap covers.


And I made ‘em pretty too.


Just simple little two-sided flannel rectangles with velcro and a little ribbon loop to hook a toy to if wanted. I excel at sewing things with straight lines. Squares and rectangles are my friends. Can I get an Amen?


Not bad, eh? It took me a couple hours to whip up two pairs.



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