19 September 2013

Lil’ A’s Six Month Portraits

A few occasions over the past weeks I have tried to get some decent portraits of my baby girl. I think I did okay. In two of these (the first and last sets) she is wearing vintage family hand-me-downs. This green dress is one my sister and I wore, I believe. And this hair bow was her big Cuz’s.




That grin, those baby blues… and those cheeks!!




Happy girlie.

So beautiful.


And these next ones make me laugh. This is the other vintage dress. This one goes way back before my sister and I. My grandmother wore this hand sewn pale pink dress, if I remember right.

When I took these a couple weeks ago, baby girl wasn’t sitting up very well on her own yet. I had to hold her hand and steady her. But now, by the time I am posting… she’s doing very well sitting up!


First one, decent smile.


Second one, pensive.


Third one, what do you call this face? A sneer?! Pirate face? I have no idea! Babies are so funny.


Finished off by none other than the spit-up action shot. Hehe.

What a joy she is. What a gift.

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