23 September 2013

Little Mama

I remember when we were trying for a third child how my heart yearned  to make Sweet N a big sister and how devastated I was when we lost that third baby and I wasn’t able to make her a big sister/little mama (yet).  I knew she was going to make the best little Mama. I knew it was going to be great.

And I was right. She takes very good care of her baby sister.  And in this case, her baby doll too!


One day recently she just decided she needed to give her baby doll a bath, and she did so, very carefully and thoroughly. It was so fun to watch her.


Although when the time came to take the classic ‘baby is all clean and snuggled up tight in her baby towel with a hood while Mama holds her’ photos, Sweet N was all done and was having none of that. Ha!

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