29 September 2013

Self (Family) Portrait By H

After a recent outing we came home and my boy promptly drew this.


It made me so darn happy.

We go to Costco regularly. It’s not difficult for me to take all three kids there, thanks to the huuuuge carts and all the free food. And we eat about two buckets of spinach a week so I can’t go long between visits, obviously.

As you can see, this is us unloading the goodies into the back of the van. He even drew my big shopping tote with handles inside the shopping cart. And in case you were wondering, we already loaded the baby into her carseat in the van and that’s why we don’t’ see her here. I put her in first because one day I got scolded by a stranger when I left her in the cart. True story.


My older girlie also drew a picture. This one is more open to interpretation?


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