10 October 2013

A Child After My Own Heart

One of the (millions) of super fun things about parenting is seeing your own characteristics appear in your children. Weeeeell, that is true except when the qualities you see emerging in your children are your own bad ones repeated all over again. Oops. That would fall into the category of one of the (million) challenging things about parenting.

In case of this post, it’s a fun characteristic.

As a kid, I remember making all kinds of preparations for myself. I LOVE preparations. I am a think-aheader. A do-aheader to the core. (Although I have to say that being a busy Mama of three does not always allow this quality to shine these days as much as it has in the past). Anyway, preparation makes me feel so loved and valued. It’s not one of the official five love languages, but it’s way up there for me. And not everyone thinks like that (and I don’t expect them to), so even as a kid, I’d often make preparations for myself. Just brings me joy!

Example 1: I would often choose my outfit for school the day before. That’s kind of normal, right? What was NOT normal is that I rigged up a contraption from my closet to the bed that delivered the clothes to me in the morning. When I’d wake up, I’d yank the string, clothes would slide down the string and arrive bedside where I could dress without even touching my feet to the floor. Talk about preparing for getting dressed in the morning! So convenient, right?

Example 2 : I’d sometimes lay my pajamas out neatly on my bed, pre-toothpaste my toothbrush, set it neatly on the counter and then turn down my covers long before bedtime. That way, when bedtime came and I was tired, I’d already prepared things ahead of time. Pull on pajamas, scrub my teeth and slip into bed. Easy peazy. It was only barely easier than doing each of those jobs actually at bedtime, but it just felt so good to me, even as a child, to have them done ahead of time. Just how God made me.

So, I occasionally try to disciple my children in the value of thinking ahead and doing things now so that it’s easier later cause it’s just part of who I am. But I don’t think I ever specifically demonstrated laying ones pajamas (and little sister’s pajamas, God bless his sweetest little heart!) out neatly on the floor.


It’s apparently just in his DNA.

God love him.

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