01 October 2013

Goodbye Tours–Bambinos

We didn’t have long to prepare to leave our African home earlier this year. Eight days. And there was a lot to take care of (understatement?)

But we had some advice from a friend on how we could still try to transition well for the kiddos sake even in such a short amount of time. One suggestion was going around and taking photos at a lot of our favorite places. Places we went a lot. Places that have memories. Places that we may very likely never see again.

So we did that in our last week. I honestly don’t know how we found time, but it was important to us and we made it happen. And I’m so thankful we did. Today is our first installment of The Goodbye Tours… Bambino Ice Cream.


There weren’t a lot of ‘nice’ places to go and eat in our part of the city. But this place was one of the few and we went there regularily. It was not far and it was very close to a few of our friends’ houses, so it made for an easy ‘Hey, wanna meet us for ice cream, like NOW?’ kind of deal.

I’m sure I have many more photos through the years from Bambinos, we went there all seven years we lived there. Their ice cream was delicious and cheap, too!


Four tree stumps sculpted from cement made great perches for four little ones.


Seating was only outside and we generally got a fair amount of attention since it was right next to a big road and we had lots of little white kiddos with us. Through the years our babies were passed around to complete strangers a lot, too. And I have memories of trying to avoid one particular young man known around town for creeping on foreigners.

Oh the memories…


Goodbye Bambinos.

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