15 October 2013

Goodbye Tours–Ozone

When we first moved to our city this garden coffee cafe was the only establishment of it’s kind in the city (country, actually!). It was western and clean and beautiful. I could go there and feel halfway normal. Over the years more similar places opened up but this was still a favorite.

Here’s some flashbacks…


We celebrated our third anniversary there in 2007 when I was pregnant with H! Wow. That seems like such a long time ago. Makes me think about the history we have in Africa. And it makes my eyes teary and my heart a bit heavy to think of it. I moved to Africa as such a girl and returned a woman. I honestly think that is is true in a lot of ways.

These goodbye tours are hard. I think that’s part of the point.

Okay. I can do this. Deep breath. Thank you God for our years there. Thank you. Thank you.

Alright… on a lighter note, you wouldn’t expect this to be served in a underdeveloped African city, would you?


I was always surprised at what they could do.

And unlike almost every single bakery I have ever visited in that region of the world… the stuff ACTUALLY tasted as good as it looked. Glory!

And another flashback, last summer…


We loved this place because it was unbelievably green for the desert. Lush grass, palm trees and even a glorious fence circling the whole place so you didn’t have to wonder if your kiddos were going to race into the roundabout that surrounded the café.


It was modern and beautiful. And it has the cutest little patrons!


So relaxing… :)


There was a fountain and shade trees. Misters to keep us cool on hot days and twinkle lighting in the evenings.


And clean space to run and move outside.

It honestly was such a blessing for many years. We’d stop by after church to buy fresh baguettes and buns. We’d go as a family to have ice cream and time together. I’d take the kids if we really needed to get out. I’d go alone for a break and to read. I’d meet friends there to chat.

But we had to say goodbye…



We went our last week in Africa and the kids had one last run around the grass circle.




Goodbye Ozone. We sure do miss you.

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