21 October 2013

One Thousand

You can imagine my surprise two days ago when I opened my Blogger dashboard and saw this:


Whoa there.


Well by golly, then that means this here post must be number ONE THOUSAND!

I don’t often look at the number. As in, like, never.

What made me look two days ago?

I dunno.

But when you are writing post number ONE THOUSAND you can hardly ignore that fact and write about, you know, current events like my baby’s poopy diapers (don’t worry, you’ll get that one soon) or about the gorgeous day we had today and how my boy and my baby girlie spent over an hour in the sun on a picnic blanket and and crunchy leaves playing and laughing while my heart burst into a million pieces because it cannot contain all the joy (well, I guess that was a freebie). Or about how my hubs is pretty  much gone for two weeks straight to take exams for his Masters degree and I am alone with three kiddos again (you’ve heard that one before).

It’s number 1000. It better be good.

Well, let me tell ya a thing about good.

There is only One who is good.

Only one who is good and only One who brings good. And it is to that One that I dedicate this post. To that One I dedicate my very life.  To the the One that has poured so much goodness into my being (in the form of good times and challenging times, alike) that my heart truly at times feels it cannot contain it. The joy overflows. The gifts are abundant. The mercy unending. The grace undeserved. I have here one thousand stories of my everyday, in all it’s beauty and ashes. One thousand stories that make up the very vapor that is this life that has been gifted to me, by God’s grace and through His salvation.

One thousand stories of God’s goodness.

He, too, makes my heart burst into a million pieces.

To my Jesus, thank you for these stories.

Halleluiah and Amen.

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