23 October 2013

Welcomed Home With Gifts

So, my husband is in and out these two weeks cause he’s taking some serious exams to complete the first year of his Masters degree. Mooooostly he’s out. But we get to see him basically one day a week.

Well, he came back this evening after three days away. As soon as he left on Monday the kids started preparing for his grand return. There was talk of cards and gifts and signs and all things surprisey. They were most excited about making gifts for him.

Tonight he comes in and I think maybe they make him go on a ‘hunt’ for his gifts. In a drawer in their room he finds several boxes that the children pulled out of the recycling bin. One of them had toilet paper in it that had been rolled up and taped (that has Sweet N written all over it, she has a passion for tape).

That’s all.

That’s it.

Those were his gifts. Merry Christmas honey! You sure were missed!

So he acts all happy and blessed. Haha. Crack me up.

On Monday when they were packing Mega Blocks into old spinach containers excitedly as gifts, I tried to talk to them about giving Daddy a gift that HE MIGHT ACTUALLY WANT. They didn’t seem to understand that idea and then there were tears.

So I guess they are too young for that lesson?

In the meantime, I guess we get rolled up toilet paper in a recycled granola box. Well, I guess that’s what Mikey gets at least. I never get any gifts from them because I’M HERE ALL THE TIME TAKING CARE OF THEM. Mommy is just chopped liver I guess.


I love my kids.

(And don’t read my sarcasm as veiled bitterness… you’d be wrong! Taking care of them is one of the most favorite jobs I will ever have I my entire life, in case there is any confusion there.)


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