11 November 2013

Shopping With Mama, A Digression

Friday I had the most wonderful morning out with my baby. It started with an errand that took me next to a coffee shop. So I popped in there too and treated myself to the first holiday drink of the season… a peppermint latte.  And would you believe as I got back in our car with that latte in my hand I heard a Christmas song on the radio for the first time this season also?!

I know.


So I took it as a sign. I mean did I even have a choice?!

We went Christmas shopping.

It was so much fun. I was so in the mood.  The only thing that would have made it more complete would have been if there was snow on the ground. But I am REALLY glad there wasn’t snow on the ground, cause then it’s cold and wet, you know?

To add to the excitement of my morning, I decided to put Lil’ A in the shopping cart seat for the first time ever. Usually I put her carseat in her cart or I strap her on with my trusty Ergo Carrier. But today was different…


She was pretty happy about it.


However, she’s a little squirmy and after she was done gnawing on the (very clean, I’m sure) metal bar (didn’t get a photo of that) she had squirmed herself right around to face the other direction.


Hi there cutie.


A few aisles later she  had then digressed to this position.  She was kinda stuck.


And not too happy about it either. He he

I’m sure if anyone in the store saw me taking the time to snap a photo of my crying baby all stuck in the cart and angry about it before actually getting her out they must of thought me a very bad mother. In fact, I’m not a bad mother, I’m just a blogger. Two very different things. Ha!

She got to spend the rest of the shopping trip on her Mama’s hip. That way is pretty great too.

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