22 November 2013

Sweet N and her Band-Aids

This girl has a thing with Band-Aids.


She loves them. For all real and imaginary boo-boos. I tend to be frugal and a conservationist. But recently I just gave up on the Band-Aid front. I buy them at the dollar store so they’re not exactly breaking the bank. And I was tired of having the discussion about what is and isn’t technically a boo-boo that actually requires a Band-Aid. And tired of saying “No” so many times! Mamas get tired of saying “No”, seriously. I pick my battles and this wasn’t one I wanted to pick anymore.


So even though she looks a little guilty here coming out of her room with a Band-Aid on each foot and one on her finger, I really didn’t care. Use ‘em up babe! It makes her happy. And I really like getting to say “Sure!” and “Yes!” a lot more often.

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