27 November 2013

Turkey or Duck?


This is waiting for me in the fridge to come and get it at 3am to start baking. Low temp, long time… should be good. Also should be good because it’s literally smothered in onion garlic butter.

This is a first for me. Cooking this whole turkey thing. I had some shivers as I was (attempting) to prepare the thing. Had to call in for backup. Who knew they hid those gizzards in the neck cavity?! *shivers*

Yes. Definitely a new thing.

Also, during dinner we were talking about preparing the turkey and H bust out very confidently… “We don’t have a turkey!!!” (gesturing to it on the island)… “We have a duck!!!” 

New not just for me apparently, this is obviously not much of a ‘whole bird’ kind of household. Ha!

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