08 December 2013

She Stood

We had a milestone today. I just love those. They are so much fun!

And since she’s member #5 of the family, there are more humans to be excited.


Here’s this little lady today. She’s the best.


And she pulled up!! (Fun fact: She’s wearing a lil’ outfit I wore when I was a baby!)


She’s been pulling up on her knees a lot lately and we knew the day was coming when she would get to her feet. These stools are perfect to pull up on. Now I’m super nervous about her falling over and cracking her head on the tile, but she didn’t. She actually got down all by herself without a problem.


Mike was having a dilemma though. Because at the very same moment she pulled up and the kids and I were gushing over her, Matt Prater kicked the longest field goal in football history?!

I think it’s safe to say he was a little torn.

But the other three of us were making enough fuss for about fifteen people, so I think it’s okay.

It’s awful fun, by the way, when your other kids gush with you over baby’s milestones! They love their baby so much.


She continued to pull up for the next hour. It’s going to be interesting in the next few days to see if she’ll fall and cry.

I don’t like it when she cries.


Later in the day there was fun of another sort.


Did I mention how much the kiddos love their baby?

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