10 January 2014

Better Late Than Never (Baby Eats Food!)

My other babies ate food (rice cereal) on their six month birthdays. This time around, I wasn’t so eager to start the baby food stage. And since lil’ A has still been nursing great, I just waited! Until a couple days ago that is.


Buuttt the time had come. I mean, the girl eats a whole meal of crumbs off the floor during the day, so why not give her the real thing!


Avocado was her first food. It’s perfect. So full of nutrients and healthy fats, doesn’t require cooking and its easily mashable. I’m a fan.


The classic grabbing the spoon.






Maybe she likes it?



She had a fan club while she was eating. She was being cheered on by her big brother and sister. They kept saying she was eating ‘guacamole’ which  wasn’t very far from the truth. She actually did very well until she sprung this leak and then a couple minutes later lost all that she had eaten. Um, not bad for a first time? At least it went down. Nevermind that it came back up…

Sweet N suggested: “Maybe she’d like guacamole better with chips?”

Haha. Well yes dear, I suppose she might! That might be a bit further down the road though…

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