13 January 2014

September Photo Dump

So these photos are from September. They were in a folder on my desktop that was labeled ‘recent’. I intended to do a September phone photo dump in like, September, when recent wouldn’t have been a lie. But obviously ‘recent’ passed and now it’s four months later.

Better late than never, eh?



These girlies are around the same age. When all three of them hang out the cuteness cannot be handled. This was during worship one day (when the weather must still have been warm!). Mostly they like to pull on each others headbands and ears and poke each others eyes and noses.

It’s the cutest.


Me and my boy. Selfie out and about. He’s so fun.


Here’s grin-head. The jury is still out on whether or not she is actually a happier baby than her big brother was. He’s hard to beat!!


Puddle jumping. So fun.


Me giving older girlie a ride. Yes, another reason to LOOOVE the Ergo Carrier. Carrying an almost four year old easy peazy! I think this was in Pueblo, where like to go occasionally.


She’s the best companion. And she probably just had milk before this picture was taken, which explains her glee. Ha!


Three kiddos in the big bed. This is a treat for them!


Gorgeous Colorado evening. Gorgeous Colorado baby.



Snoozing in the sling with Mama during a meeting.


Sunset over Pikes Peak near our home. Breathtaking.

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