04 January 2014

Some Traveling Notes

We just drove two days halfway across the country.


The night before we left we enjoyed the snow that fell during the day.


Good thing I packed their snow things!

Now I just need some things for myself. I still can’t feel my bum.


Poppi got out his tractor and gave the kids a ride. And their mother may have joined them for the majority of it.


Even in this blurry picture you can see how much fun they are having. I promise you I was having more once I put down the camera and jumped on with them.

Except for that numb bum part. And my fingers? I couldn’t feel those either.

But it was REALLY fun.

Then we went inside for hot chocolate that Grammi made!


Just like when I was a kid! It was special!

The next morning we started our drive.

And this girlie is definitely in the running for best baby road tripper EVER.

Like in all the history of the world.


I mean, I haven’t done research on, like, all the babies of the world. But I’m pretty sure that if I did, she’d be in the tippy top of the demographic.


She has spent four entire days of the last two weeks of her life strapped into this child restraint seat.

And she just smiles at ya. Or coos. Or talks. Or plays with toys. Or looks out the window.


Or sleeps.

It’s pretty much amazing.


And this kid is pretty great in the car too. This particular creation is finger lights cleverly stowed inside a silly putty egg.

And there you have a glowing egg!

Cool, huh? He’s fun.

And regarding the other child. She did great on the way east. Today, finishing the drive west? Um, notsomuch.

But I love her still. And forever. And always.


She’s got spunk, that’s for sure.

In other news, Lil’ A slept in the tent for the first time last night!

I never trained her to get her used to it, but we had to pull it out last night. I was worried. But I shouldn’t have been. I put her in it and closed the door. She cried for approximately one second, found her fingers, rolled over and went to sleep.


Well, okay!


In the morning she was snoozin’ good.

That was that.


So after 22.5 hours in the car in the past two days, numerous vehicles and trailers spotted on the side of the road (awful roads) we returned home!

There is no place like home.

Aaaaand the moment I walked in I received the reward of all my frantic hard work trying to clean my house top to bottom as we were leaving.

Glory halleluiah it was so clean and beautiful.

By the way I’m not ready to put Christmas decorations away yet.


LASTLY… I was so happy to have a very healthy stack of Christmas cards to open. It was so fun and I feel so loved!


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