04 February 2014


Sweet N has a hard time eating very quickly these days. Unless she is highly motivated by the possibility of an afternoon playdate or some such thing.

So sometimes we have to set the timer for her and if she doesn’t finish by then then the meal is over and the rest is saved for the next meal. Now don’t fuss at me… we’re not rushing her or anything. Some days she’s sitting at the table for 60 minutes trying to eat a small meal. Aaaack!!


So the other day I found this on the island after lunchtime…


She had packed up her own leftovers after her meal! I laughed… she knows the drill, eh? She didn’t finish her cheese or hummus, so into a bag it went for dinner!

Smart girlie.

Now if she would just figure out that it’s just as easy to eat the food already! Ha!

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