03 February 2014


Valentine’s day is coming and I had gotten out the few decorations we have to make the house look all lovey dovey. I gave the kids some solid red valentine-themed window clings to decorate their sliding glass door with and then I overheard this:

“It’s cupid!” H exclaimed when he peeled one off the page.

“Cupid!” N repeated, even though I’m pretty sure she didn’t now what that meant.

”Cupid must be the new guy” H said.

“It’s a gwirl”, N was sure.

“Well, I think he’s a boy” H replied.

N thoughtfully responded “Yeah, you never know, cause he’s all just red.”

It was just so cute. Some nights they just lay in bed and talk and talk and it’s the cutest thing. I pray it’s bonding them together as brother and sister that love each other forever and ever amen.

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