24 February 2014

What the Olympics Did to Us

I stole that title by the way. Just so you know. Thanks friend. You know who you are!

I loved it.

We are not big TV watchers. And we have spent most of the last eight years in a country where we could not watch the Olympics if we wanted to, which we did want to.

It was a joy to be able to watch so much of them this year. Not having the privilege for many years really made us really appreciate it this time around.

And it helps that our kids are old enough to enjoy it to.


There was a lot of this going on.

And then I’d find him in the hall, bike helmet on, belly-down, face-first on his skateboard rolling down a ramp.

Skeleton, of course!! (Didn’t get a photo)



Then they put their gloves on and were short-track speed skating around our dining table. Although there were none of those breath-catching wipe-outs that was saw on the television.


Then he was cross-country skiing…


… and rifle shooting at the wall. (Bi-athlon, which is such a funny sport, by the way.)

And Sweet N has been spinning and leaping and jumping as usual after watching figure skating.

I love it! Their world got a little bigger being able to watch athletes from around the world accomplish great athletic feats. They soaked it up and it brought me such joy.

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