05 March 2014

Baby Meets Dirt (Day 6)

My first two babies grew up in dirt. And sand. And dust. And lots of it.

I too, grew up playing in dirt. My parents were building our home when I was a baby/toddler and my sister and I would sit on the ground and play with bugs while Mama and Daddy worked hard. I think we were happy and I think it made us healthy!

Lately I have been thinking how my third baby has grown up inside. With, like, No dirt. No sand. Little dust.

Not okay with me.


Today I got her up from her nap, dressed her in clothes out of the laundry basket, took her outside and sat her down in a patch of dirt.


Baby, meet dirt!


She was a wee bit confused at first, but she got the hang of it pretty quickly.


(She is in the grab-things-and-hand-them-to-people stage.)


Even having  a taste..


Go for it babe! Eat up! (Right now you either think I’m a great Mom or a terrible one…)


By the way… her hair is not that red in real life… the photo processing I used makes it look more red than it is.)





Nom nom nom.

She’s the best. And I hope there’s a lot more dirt digging in her future now that spring is (maybe?!) coming our way. Although dirt means baths and frankly I’m not that into giving baths…

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