14 March 2014

Bringing the Outdoors In

So one day I was outside with my boy playing. He picked up a stick to play with it and I thought “Cool stick! I could hang that over the mirror in my dining room!” (My dining room is actually my living room which is actually my kitchen… all one big room, you know?)


Anyway, I asked my boy if I could have it and he gladly agreed.

I walked it over to put it near the doors leading inside so I wouldn’t forget to take it in later. As I set it on the ground I noticed that there was a big branch laying under the tree.

Then I thought…

“Well, if I’m gonna put a branch in my house… I’m gonna put THAT branch in my house!!” Go big or go home, you know?!

My parents were visiting at the time, so I drug it over to my balcony and waved it in front of the sliding glass doors until I got my Mama’s attention. She came on the balcony. I asked her if she thought she could pull it over and inside.

She didn’t look shocked.

She didn’t look surprised.

Do you suppose she knows her daughter pretty well?

She obliged.

So up and over it went. When my dear husband came home from work he found a giant branch laying through the middle of the house.

He thought it was a fleeting thought.

A silly moment.

Then he remembered who he married.

And he loves me! And he knows his interior decorating skill holds no competition with mine. So he dug out the hacksaw and cut a few feet off the bottom.  Then my Daddy put a screw in the wall and wired it up for safety.


And here ya have it. A family effort. A tree in my house. Beautifully utilizing all the vaulted space up there.

I’m in love.

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  1. I'm so excited that you have a tree in your home again! Just the other day I was thinking about the tree you had in Africa that you would always decorate for special occasions. I'm so glad you have one again!


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