11 March 2014

Day 12

Came out of my bedroom this morning to find these two like this.


Why are they so wonderful?!


And this afternoon it looks like this outside. Wasn’t it 70 yesterday and I wore flip flops and drove around with the windows down? Colorado has such a short memory…


The afternoon brought puzzles with a friend. (Today was pajama day at school, hence the all-day-long pajamas for my boy.)



Baby girlie kept busy emptying my utensil drawer for me.

She’s so helpful.


Then she went pointing fingers.


It’s a new thing of hers. Then she babbles. And I’m certain she’s telling me all kinds of interesting things, if only I could understand.

And it was pajama day for her too. It’s all-day-pajama day for her about every other day, especially when it snows.

12 down, 6 to go.

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