01 March 2014

Day 2

Another good day.

Kids actually slept all night. This has been a problem during husband’s trips past. H told me this morning that he actually got up at 5am to tell me that his fingers hurt (?!) but on the way to my room he realized he didn’t want to loose the dime he would get if he didn’t wake me up. (Our current reward system). And that he didn’t want a grumpy Mommy.  So he turned around and went back to bed.

Smart boy.

All morning the kids played so happily together.


Here H is teaching N. And as you can see their spotless room didn’t last for long and their ‘two things out at a time’ rule didn’t even see a single day.

No big surprise.

And I don’t care.

Cause they were happy.


The afternoon we spent in the child care room on campus doing some cleaning. This grabby baby ate some playdough that she found. Ooops. Then later when I was putting the big kids in bed she may have consumed some chalk.

So in terms of the whole baby-not-eating-toxic-things parental responsibility, I kind of failed today. But she’s happy too, so that’s good right?

h dishes

After dinner H told me “I wanna start doing chores.” He pulled up a stool to the sink and asked for instructions on how to wash the dishes.

Well okay then.

I showed him. He washed them. Glory!


And, at 8pm I had three kiddos in bed and I finally got to sit down and eat this. MMmmnnn.

Nite nite.

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