03 January 2013

Goodbye Preschool

I headed downstairs early this morning.  I asked my staff to come on one last day during what was supposed to just be holiday break and run school so the kids could say goodbye to the school and the staff.

I went down, unlocked the school, straightened up a bit, planned a simple schedule for the day and headed back upstairs to get the kiddos ready.

But on the way up the stairs I broke down. I wept.

Saying goodbye to the preschool is one of the hardest aspects of this quick exit. The preschool has meant so much to me. I love my staff and they have blessed me so much. I love what the school has done for my children and others’ children. I love what I have seen God do in such a short amount of time. I love that He chose and used me to do it. I have loved almost everything about it and it’s so hard to say goodbye to such an incredible dream I never knew I had that I barely had time to live.


I also cleaned out my desk and office today. Exactly one week ago I sat at this desk all morning and planned out the rest of the year. How quickly things have changed.

Goodbye desk. Goodbye beloved office supplies and files (no, I’m not kidding).


March calendar. I had been working on lesson plans for after the baby arrives.

Goodbye calendar.


Here are all my lesson plans for February and March.


In the trash can.



Here are my Arabic flyers we were going to finally use to advertise to locals now that we had finally finished our proper business registration a month ago. We were finally ready to grow and add lots more local kids.

But now my flyers are in the trash.



But here is a cute happy girlie on the lil’ car and the boys running to open the gate for a friend for the last time.


Helen did the last circle time.


I don’t think I could have handled it at this point.


Last lunch.


And then another circle time, led my my lil’ missy. He he.


And this little sneak had snagged a bag of sprinkles from our ‘sale rooms’ (on the other side of the preschool building), stashed it in the play kitchen and kept eating bits when she thought no one was looking.

That girl!


Not all the kids came today. But each of the students are all so special to me.


I hate taking my kids from these ladies. H and N are well loved by them (and quite spoiled, too, if I’m honest).


My dear assistants.  I have no words.

Goodbye preschool. I’ll miss you so.

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