03 March 2014

Mike’s Birthday

A few days before Mike’s trip we celebrated his birthday. And you can congratulate me, because his birthday marks the end of the five months of celebration craziness. Our families’ five birthdays fall within five months of each other. The same five months that also include Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Valentines day… all holidays that I like to decorate for and celebrate (well, Halloween is more of a fall thing, not so Halloweenish).

Anyway. I made it through, whew!!


His requested meal? Grilled cheese and soup.

Can do!


I threw a brownie in the oven and let the kids decorate it, which they chose to do together instead of dividing it in half and decorating halves. And they did so happily.  Proud parent moment.



I think it’s beautiful.


Happy Birthday babe. We love you so much!

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