01 April 2014

11 Things

1. I’m up to my ears in schedules these days. It’s a busy quarter around here!

2. I kind of like schedules. But this might have been overkill.

3. It’s official. The baby thinks my name is “Dada”.

4. My children do not know what “Khallas kwais” means. (Very basic Arabic phrase). This saddens me.

5. Four of us got the awwwwful norovirus over the weekend. It was brutal. And it made me behind on writing all those schedules!

6. Since the sickness, I can’t seem to get warm. Currently I’m inside wearing slippers, gloves and a winter hat. I think it’s 60 degrees outside.

7. I think things should calm down in a week or so.

8. I could use a nanny at times like this however.

9. Any applicants?

10. The baby is also in one of those stages where she waits until I change her diaper to poop. It’s not very polite, frankly.

11. Still accepting applications.

1 comment:

  1. Me! Me! Me! I'll be your nanny!


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