01 April 2014

Easters Past

We had a great time celebrating Easter with our little family.

But as the evening wound down and the chaos that three little kids brings quieted, my heart turned toward Africa. Easter has been a very special holiday to celebrate there. Our community of co-workers and friends would all rise before dawn and meet on the bank of the Nile. The service would start as the sun was rising and we’d praise our risen Savior as an extremely diverse group of believers. And every year several would be baptized in the river.

It was so very special.

Then there would be sand sculpting and everyone would pull out their coffee, juices and breakfast items to share. There we’d have a delicious shared breakfast, spread on plastic mats and picnic blankets on the bank of the Nile.

It was a simple event but it drew our hearts together. Each year it was one of the highlights.

And I grieve the loss of it now.

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